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Dee Blackmore, Founder Of TFOYB

My Vow To The Lord

Tear everything away You Are The One i turn to, You Are The One i yearn for There is NO other reason for me to exist If YOU Do Not Exist i love my kids but it's You i have tried many times to let the world know i have failed many times and i know there are forces against me succeeding But i have tried; and You Know, So with all of my heart and i know that You Already Know I LOVE YOU i cannot write anything with meaning without You Spirit Of The Living God, So Misunderstood; i always say He Is The Topping On the cake - You Inspire me; But You Also Made me realise You Help me make that cake; Another clique, but if they took You Away i cannot breathe, I cannot live. I can just sit for hours and watch You Work - You are Awesome and Amazing - I love You; El Shaddai Sabaoth, my heart enjoys the sun, the fields, sea and flowers and stars- Your Creation, THE Artist; Sometimes Your Work takes my breath away - autumn is perfection and every time I see a rainbow I feel like it's there just for me! You Are My Sunshine - yes that morecambe and wise song - don't EVER take my Sunshine away; When You Are Around you cannot help but smile; One of God's Smiles is enough to light the night sky; Nothing gets created without You and in all things - You; There is no one like You - no one can compare (except perhaps Grampie) but we are not going there - He'll Kidnap me :( - I love You; King Yeshua - without You i am nothing; Everything About You Is Perfecto; I consider myself truly blessed to know You - sit with You, hear You speak; You Give me hope - i would not be a Messianic jew without You and I am proud to be; And i can never put into words what You Have Done, Holy One - You Came Down From Heaven to be disrespected and despised when Your Heart Is Love; there is NO WAY Your Presence Cannot Be Felt when You Enter a room, King Of Peace - my all; I have to mention it - You Died For me, But You Are More Than That Rabboni Adore i - You, The star in the East depicts the ONLY star - You; King Yeshua Makes my heart sing; A long time ago i gave you my heart and you still have it (although split 3 Ways and the portion that my kids have) The Pain and Suffering I pray will be surpassed by the love I have - we have for You; Lord, it is an honour to bow before You, sit at Your feet. You Give me joy You help me live; You Hold me; So my life has no point if You Are Not in it, And i wait for the day You Return; it has been so long, But it is worth the wait and I'm glad You Are Back To Enjoy Your Creation and for us to Praise and Celebrate You the way You Deserve. Amen.

my songs what i wrote with God and myself and probably nicked and most of the instrumentals (except the remixes) would have been synced to a visual..i got rid of my vimeo - to be honest these songs are old to me now when I met the Patels it's a new chapter...

the 1st march 2023 if officially The Reign Of The King Of Kings so this is EXCITING!!!!!!!!

The Lord Wants me to inform you that i am studying the Torah using the Torah learning app available for play and whatever apple equivalent. It used the Hebrew Bible which can similarly to downloaded

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