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Dee Blackmore, Founder Of TFOYB

They wanted to 'kill all blacks', now white people will die of 'black death'...

It's been a long haul my dears and I don't know if anyone is still reading this, but there are people still 'walking', which is good. One of the reasons I was still evangalising was because I didn't think there were many in the entertainment industry reaching out effectively and now with Team God here, I can take a back seat and it will be great!

there was £100 million (though I was to get double back) not including gold, silver, oil, property, stocks/shares, copyrights etc..they thought it ok to help themselves...they will get it back and those with stolen franchises (except for the ones we want to keep) have to either pay for them or they are not allowed to use them..they will know because I have my eidetic back...Boo, Baa and Bee Will Appear

not a thing in the contract did they do - I remember now - I was supposed to have an annual amount of money, not to be in poverty etc. etc. As I keep saying, it's over - that is the end of the 'contract' - no more 'it remains to be seen..' or 'shakatak' or 'letsbe avenue' or 'the land of make believe' and the q..was 's.. l..'

I have finally a completion date of june for the sale of my house, though something still feels has taken a year...if this sales goes through, you mght see me with Boo, if it is a fake sale, Boo will take over and i will still leave...

they are STILL trying to steal it...the sons/daughters of the devil need it to do things...they are all to go back until we leave...

a 'garden' alert for devout children...and where are the 'spyders' on your body to conceal identity or conceal..

it won't be long before we are conversing, so don't despair, but there is an alert that people are being fooled by fake Christians - in time you will realise it won't be just me preaching by myself, in fact there will be many and we will be in one group...

avoid anything warner - they are part of 'fake'...and don't be doing the same spells/curses that were effective when I was in satanic/demonic realm - I'm not in satanic/demonic realm now

there are a lot of devout people in china, so look keep checking your kids (they turned on me when I was young - messed up my mind - it won't be long now..

on perform anything with 'on the good...' or 'the snow queen' or liz...- legacies...

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