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Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect) Explains

You may already know me as owner of websites 'Christian Music Listmania' or 'I Love Christian Music', or as former Owner/Editor of 'I Love Christian Music' and 'Jesus Child' magazines; or as Podcast Presenter of 'Dance Therapy Sessions', a Dance Remix show which I started on Hospital Radio, and 'Dance Worship', which I started on Radio 31 in 2016 and which had over a million plays on Soundcloud as my psyedonyms AngelE/Angel Elect. I have also produced and written over 30 songs (though I have NOT received a single penny from them - if my songs have been in the charts please log them so I can sue) - check out my songs on


The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol.1:

The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol. 2:

You Are My Love (Extended Remixes):

In The Beginning There Was Christian Dance:


Sing To The KIng

Amazon as Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect):




As yet, I (Dee Blackmore), am sole member and Founder of The Fellowship Of Young Believers, which came from Acts 2:42-47. This organisation will be officially launched in about 2 years when I've done some research which comprises part of the PhD I am hoping to start in Septmber 2021. I started this because I felt that there was not enough Christian outreach to help those Christians that may not have academic ability (satan involved) to suceed in other areas. As I have an interest in Photography and Video Editing, I thought it would be good to provide an all round Film-Making Course that is free which Christians could take. We will continue to walk with God about this. If you would like to take part in my research as I will need participants for survey and focus group discussions, or are interested in making content for the 'Christian Youth TV Channel', I would be grateful ( or I will inform you at a later date when I get admitted to a University - I have started my application at a London University.

I was reading a passage in the Bible - you might already know it if you are a regular reader about the prophet that was fooled by another prophet to disobey The Lord - fake Christians defiling churches and doing withcraft on the devout. Test them - do they know their Bible? Can they sing a hymn, say The Lord's Prayer? If they are a fan of Dance Worship, can they sing the one my kids and I sing on one of my shows? (They used to go to church, but don't now unfortunately). That was what it was like growing up - we all used to go, but mum stopped taking us and I continued started going to youth group when I went to secondary school. I don't know if he is still doing the circuit but I officially became a Christian when Steve Chalke came to our church. I still remember it because he song a song called 'We're Herberts". They lie - ask them what day it is! I am not dead - no-one has taken over my sites. The Lord Has Not Said Otherwise, I will be there at the end of the year. White supremists/christian ying yang.

My house is FINALLY on the market again. Pray that it sells this time (and no-one is trying to steal the money)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to leaving and living on the resort. Don't worry because God Is Here! Any articles saying I am a prostitute, keep them because I will sue. As above, I'll be in the USA at the end of the year. I'm not sure if anyone will contact me in the UK?

You will see, there is a move away from monogamy - go read...what is going to be corrected..

Just so we stay on track, please start scouting land in Portugual for a fairly big resort.. I like self sufficiency so it will need padocks, fertile land for vineyward/fruit/veg/flora, it will have a working farm along with other things (education centre and attractions), preferably with its own water source and a means of harnessing its own electricity.. the above is probably the reason we are being separated from satan minions

So there's a fantasy room on the resort - what? You know that I'm a bit geeky:

Ok, we are going to become Messianic Jews eventually..

Btw, I'm back on Twitter!

I'm wondering if I have any fans left - no-one's listening to my mixes! This could mean the resort ain't gonna be that big!! It's nostalgia listening to these shows; I wanna say goodbye to that, time to move on!! Amen! (But the music is good!)

The Lord Is Helping us, those working on the 'King Yeshua' scripts; so The Lord Loves Martha and Martha loves The Lord, but Mary loves The Lord More than Martha, so Martha says go for it. The Lord Realises He Is Never Going To Be With The One He Wants. There were othere women, as was the norm. Who caused him pain/trouble-maker?? Money stealer..

You know, all this pagan crap - thank you Lord for carrying me! I love My Lord! Give God the Glory now and forever! Amen! Even just 2 years with The Lord is better than 52 years without and they have been condemned, trying to ying yang with me..there's no love (satan CANNOT love) it's all about the benjamins..

Now this is not for the righteous that are already partly home - why do you deserve to go Up? I'm 52. I did lots of wrong when I was a teenager/young adult, but I got baptised and those sins were washed away and I have done lots for The Lord. What are you doing for God because there are people thinking they are going to Heaven (because they think they are me, Dee Blackmore) but they are satanists!!!!!!

8 may 2021 I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore. I can't wait to move to Portugal because why the f____ are people voting tory when they have f___ up the UK? Who keeps telling people I'm dead?

9 May Happy Birthday my babes!!

Just to stop the high ranking fallen preending to be me (Dee Blackmore) and stealing from me (remember I have the religous tatoos including the St Michael on my stomach); I have decided to include my fave Bible Passages each week. This is my fave Psalm and it's also the last one (a line of which is in which of my songs?). This is from the New Jerusalem Bible:

Praise God in His Holy Place, Praise Him in the Heavenly Vault of His Power, Praise Him for His Mighty Deeds, Praise Him for all His Greatness.

Praise Himwith fanfare of trumpet, Praise Him with harp and lyre, Praise Him with tambourines and dancing, Praise Him with strings and pipes, Praise Him with the clamour of cymbals, Praise Him with triumphant cymbals, Let everything that breathes praise (The Lord). Aleluia!

The Lord Is Sovereign Over all! Amen! I adore You! My Lord!

12 May I don't worry about a lot of things now, because we are just going through what has already been decided in the Heavenlys. Things will happen when they happen, we will meet when we meet! A little quiet on the viewings front - 2 LOW offers not when there is so much potentional - just putting it out there for potential investors, they might make more money if they knocked down the extension and built a house.. btw, I am STILL waiting for my money and stuff... I've never had a music manager/ record deal; I want it all back and to leave us alone. We are not interested in you and you are not interested in us. (usual pagan spells/curses). Keeping my songs out of the Charts and spending the money (witchcraft to keep Christians out of the Charts and spend their money, witchcraft to steal everything of Dee Blackmore's, witchcraft to steal everything of Sir Cliff Richard's).

My loves - I am still being tested by God (probably still playing out the first time)! I just want you to think about the experiment about getting the few sweets now as opposed to the double later.. the righteous don't have to worry because they have already made it to the Promised Land, but there are still people walking, so know that - what are you going to do to get many years later and I'm still poor! But I look forward, not back.. 13th May what we have been waiting for...people are going from ying into yang (not surprisingly the majority were youth!) when you see me posing with a major celelebrity, you will know it's all over. Yay! God Knows and Is In Control.

I have the religious tatoos and St Michael on my stomach, let her recite the Lord's can be sure we will not sound the same - she has my money and stuff probably..basically IWANT MY MONEY AND STUFF YOU FAKERS!!!!!!! My kids are NOT YOUR KIDS!! Look out for them..It's obvious now no-one seems to be bothered that there is serious mental illness here

it's spiritual warfare - they will do what satan says if you are a satan minion.. funeral..fear

Sat 15th Still walking on this.. I think my real dad is dead and I know people know who he is. I was stolen (they were told to hide - this is a ying yang - jealous of me) and they told my parents I was dead. I will find out some day. I will be a mindf___ - I've always been if you are hungry - they know who they are, you knock on my door, if anything you knock on my door...because some of the kids have got witchcraft to be prostitutes, most likely taken them off their mums.. swapped kids/stealing/replacing kids because it has to be wrong! You go to satan and say you want a child - satan says "here it is, I stole it!" This is why I have to run to The Lord sometimes, because it seems as if it's funny, but it's not. I can't explain, but we have an 'I am Sparticus' moment, when we are releasing all those that have been bound..

the anti-archangel has been cast down, next satan will come..(this might be the same as first time it might just be baby time..) for the illusion to disappear forever.. For the first time in a long while I have been enthusiastic to learn Unity, amen!

Someone ask Sir Cliff why he is talking about Buddism on his Facebook page, when he is supposed to be a Christian?? satan - I have taken control. Just so they know, he will contact me..You are no in control; everyone seen your boobies and v-jay jay and pee pee.

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