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Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect) Explains

You may already know me as owner of websites 'Christian Music Listmania' or 'I Love Christian Music', or as former Owner/Editor of 'I Love Christian Music' and 'Jesus Child' magazines; or as Podcast Presenter of 'Dance Therapy Sessions', a Dance Remix show which I started on Hospital Radio, and 'Dance Worship', which I started on Radio 31 in 2016 and which had over a million plays on Soundcloud as my psyedonyms AngelE/Angel Elect. I have also produced and written over 30 songs - check out my songs on


The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol.1:

The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol. 2:

You Are My Love (Extended Remixes):

In The Beginning There Was Christian Dance:


Sing To The KIng

Amazon as Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect):




As yet, I (Dee Blackmore), am sole member and Founder of The Fellowship Of Young Believers, which came from Acts 2:42-47. This organisation will be officially launched in about 2 years when I've done some research which comprises part of the PhD I am hoping to start in Septmber 2021. I started this because I felt that there was not enough Christian outreach to help those Christians that may not have academic ability to suceed in other areas. As have an interest in Photography and Video Editing, I thought it would be good to provide an all round Film-Making Course that is free which Christians could take. We will continue to walk with God about this. If you would like to take part in my research as I will need participants for survey and focus group discussions, or are interested in making content for the 'Christian Youth TV Channel', I would be grateful. I will inform you at a later date when I get admitted to a University.

I was reading a passage in the Bible - you might already know it if you are a regular reader about the prophet that was fooled by another prophet to disobey The Lord - fake Christians. Test them - do they know their Bible? Can they sing a hymn.. etc. They lie - ask them what day it is! I am not dead - no-one has taken over my sites. The Lord Has Not Said Otherwise, I will be there at the end of the year.

Yes, satan is targetting the next generation; you should already know this. But did you know that here in the UK, there were 5 year olds beating the devil! Let the people hear. Everything is ok. I'm going to have the best and I'm bringing people with me.

A little fact about Dance Worship - I think I started the show in 2016; all the songs on my shows have been approved by God. When I first started doing this I was naked seeking The Lord's Counsel listening to the finished show in the bath, not now (probably because The Lord Ain't Listening Anymore!!!). It'll be the same with the Christian Youth TV Channel, but we will try and get people to approval if something is disapproved.

Ok, satan is fooling too many Christians, by saying I am bestie/going out with.... DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING UNLESS THERE ARE PICTURES (and not just me in the background/foreground of a pic - actually together!). I have been single and celibate for over 10 years, waiting for God To Find me someone.


Sat 17th Happy Birthday to my daughter, the utterly lovely Lauryn Blackmore!

Ok, that's all I have to say at the mo. I shall be back again, when I have been accepted at a University.

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