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Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect) Explains

You may already know me as owner of websites 'Christian Music Listmania' and 'I Love Christian Music', or as former Owner/Editor of 'I Love Christian Music' and 'Jesus Child' magazines; or as Podcast Presenter of 'Dance Therapy Sessions', a Dance Remix show which I started on Hospital Radio, and 'Dance Worship', which I started on Radio 31 in 2016 and which had over a million plays on Soundcloud as my psyedonyms AngelE/Angel Elect. I have also produced and written over 30 songs (though I have NOT received a single penny from them (stolen) - if my songs have been in the charts please log them so I can sue) - check out my songs on


The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol.1:

The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol. 2:

You Are My Love (Extended Remixes):

The Lord Our Righteousness

In The Beginning There Was Christian Dance:


Sing To The KIng

Amazon as Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect):




As yet, I (Dee Blackmore), am sole member and Founder of The Fellowship Of Young Believers, which came from Acts 2:42-47. This organisation will be officially launched in about 2 years when I've done some research which comprises part of the PhD that I am hoping to start in Septmber 2021. I started this because I felt that there was not enough Christian outreach to help those Christians that may not have academic ability (satan involved) to suceed in other areas. As I have an interest in Photography and Video Editing, I thought it would be good to provide an all round Film-Making Course that is free which Christians could take. We will continue to walk with God on this. If you would like to take part in my research as I will need participants for survey and focus group discussions, or are interested in making content for the 'Christian Youth TV Channel', I would be grateful ( or I will inform you at a later date when I get admitted to a University - I have started my application at a London University.

My house is FINALLY on the market again. Pray that it sells this time! I'm so looking forward to leaving and living on the resort. Don't worry because God Is Here! Any articles saying I am a prostitute, keep them because I will sue. I'll be in the USA at the end of the year.

You will see, there is a move away from monogamy - go read...what is going to be corrected..

Just so we stay on track, please start scouting land in Portugual for a fairly big resort.. I like self sufficiency so it will need paddocks, fertile land for vineyward/fruit/veg/flora; it will have a working farm along with other things (rabbits for sure!). For those doing the design - education centre (Holy Temple replication, exhibits) inside and outside play areas for young and older kids (and IMPORTANT - it must have a sand pit, thanking you); assault course, retro gaming fantasy zone (Star Trek enterprise), amusements/rides (pier amusements to win tokens for prizes) waterpark, cinema), food court, shops, film studio (green room, string room), Prince of Peace garden and Garden of Eden, King and Queen room; stage/arena for performances, go-karting, hospital, hotel and camp site (with shower/laundry facilities, help/info points to announce when kids go missing from parents/friends), various points for people to pick up bicycles etc. - I forgot something, what did I forget? There is also a fairly large tree house where I go to look at the night sky; preferably with its own water source and a means of harnessing its own electricity.. and IF YOU KNOW ME AT ALL; you will know there needs to be water - lake or sea. Yup, more like Butlins than Disneyland!! The above is probably the reason we are being separated from satan minions.. any satan dominated town/city/state will be doing things wrong and hating on black women and kids.

So there's a fantasy room on the resort - what? You know that I'm a bit geeky:

Ok, we are going to become Messianic Jews eventually..

Btw, I'm back on Twitter!

I'm wondering if I have any fans left - no-one's listening to my mixes! This could mean the resort ain't gonna be that big!! It's nostalgia listening to these shows; I wanna say goodbye to that, time to move on!! Amen! (But the music is good!)

The Lord Is Helping us, those working on the 'King Yeshua' scripts; so The Lord Loves Martha and Martha loves The Lord, but Mary loves The Lord More than Martha, so Martha says go for it. The Lord Realises He Is Never Going To Be With The One He Wants because she marries someone else - she was offered an alternative. That's why he does it, it works. They are both unhappy now with the wrong people. There were other women, as was the norm. Who caused him pain/trouble-maker?? Money stealer..ying yanger?? What did magdla do? The kids are so clean, they could probably write the script! We are walking with this, but when it came to the end of His Misson, how many people believed? Did The Lord Go to hell to release a loved one?

You know, all this pagan crap - thank you Lord for carrying me! I love My Lord! Give God the Glory now and forever! Amen! Even just 2 years with The Lord is better than 52 years without and they have been condemned, trying to ying yang with me..there's no love (satan CANNOT love) it's all about the money..

8 may 2021 I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore. I can't wait to move to Portugal because why the f____ are people voting tory when they have f___ up the UK/racist?

9 May Happy Birthday my babes!!

Just to stop people pretending to be me (Dee Blackmore) and stealing from me (remember I have the religous tatoos (Names of God), including the St Michael on my stomach); I have decided to include my fave Bible Passages each week.

The Lord Is Sovereign Over all! Amen! I adore You! My Lord!

12 May I don't worry about a lot of things now, because we are just going through what has already been decided in the Heavenlys. Things will happen when they happen, we will meet when we meet! A little quiet on the viewings front - 2 LOW offers not when there is so much potentional - just putting it out there for potential investors, they might make more money if they knocked down the extension and built a house.. btw, I am STILL waiting for my money and stuff... I've never had a music manager/ record deal; I want it all back and to leave us alone. We are not interested in you and you are not interested in us.

13th May What we have been waiting for...people are going from ying into yang (not surprisingly the majority were youth!) when you see me posing with a major celelebrity, you will know it's all over. Yay! God Knows and Is In Control and Has Sorted it.

it's spiritual warfare - they will do what satan says if they are a satan minion.. fake funeral..

Sat 15th My real parents are dead, but I have relatives. It's still a mindf___ I've always been poor...

satan hates black women because of Eve and he's a thief, a liar and a cheat, like his minions

the 'ying' world is fake - fake love, fake relationships, fake families, fake religion - it is a 'mirror' of reality. All is well.

Mon 17th More prophesising because no-ne is telling me anything. I didn't show up somewhere because no-one told me. It seems I have spent my whole life living in poverty because satan minion thieves..I believe I was a rich child (I'm going to put it out there - whether I am a Terrell Brown)..Thomasina is here to help (murder - she had 'martyr'. It was that only Christians could take it, but not anymore..)..this could be why they have been trying to kill me for years..I cannot believe the evil my kids and I have had to put up with over the years, so you understand why I'm not staying - all because of jealousy!!! Someone out there help me because no-one here is going to help. I'm not in a relationship, they are not my family...I know I will get it all back as The Lord Has Already Promised me, but this needs to happen now.

I might never had known if I had not been 'born again'.. You might find that there are more Browns..(because of the one's coming back know). Someone is supposed to come with evidence, so I'll wait for that.

satan has been using various people to stop a Christian resort from being built..This is the time for second chances, Thomasina is back to be mum, others are back to have kids etc..

Wed 19th People knew, but they didn't want me to know. Team God Are Helping me get back what was stolen - excessive theiving.. Yes Thomasina (and James) was having here money stolen - this seems to be a 'black women' thing..

I've been living with satan for years (as you probably have in New York State). I tell you what he has been doing - behaviour analysis, by now he has perfected it - fake affection. I've said it before and I'll say it again, satan is like the borg, he will not stop until everyone dies.. watch out for overcharging, you know this is supernatural - first time around I knew they were stealing money, but I couldn't PROVE it! Second time round we get everything back again.

As you know all this has already happened in the Heavenlys - we have a great team, over the years you will realise why the kids are running away..

This week's Bible Passage: (go read! Those that know that passage or reads it, gets rewarded from Heaven!). Another of my favourite passages and you might already know that! (The New Jerusalem Bible). "There is a season for everything, a time for every occasion under Heaven: A time for giving birth, A time for dying; A time for planting, A time for uprooting what has been planted. A time for killing, A time for healing; A time for knocking down, A time for building. A time for tears, A time for laughter; A time for mourning, A time for dancing. A time for throwing stones away, A time for gathering them; A time for embracing, A time for searching, A time for losing; A time for keeping, A time for discarding, A time for tearing, A time for sewing A time for keeping silent, A time for speaking. A time for loving, A time for hating; A time for war, A time for peace.

When I come to you at the end of the year, don't be thinking about bribing me, I am not a lesbian, I do not want to have sex with you, I am only interested in those that can make me money!! Ha! (Talent).

Thurs 20th

You will most likely find (because The Lord Knows i like this, that there will be a hill on the resort, where I can sit and drone!!

If you know who the fakers are, have them arrested!! I don't have any friends. Does she have the tatoos? Let her recreate The Lord Our Righteousness in Logic in front of you! If someone says to you they wrote "You Are My Love (Holy Love Instrumental Remix), that's probably my most popular song...(and then laugh quitely because it is a remix!!!). It makes sense to me now how they have done it and how people knew - I'm not part of the 'team' - I'm on the outside (and staying there - there's a compromise). But I don't want to be part of that team anymore. That team stinks!

Rest assured the yangers that have had their money stolen, we will make much much more!!!! She summoned all the haters, I summoned murdered black women, those not given their 40 acres, those killed who were innocent, those wanting justice..and some The Lord Has Sent from Heaven - I can do this because I won the prize (as I did first time round) as the most devoted to God in the UK.

If The Lord Hadn't Come To Break ying yang, no-one would be working at all because I retire after 4 years.

I'm looking forward to knowing what The Lord Wants in the Education Centre - what He Will Be Teaching us (bible studies). I know when the Angels first came they were shocked how dirty the world was. We have forgotten about Holiness and cleanliness..the rabbis will dictate.

Back 5 mins and someone is already knocked up! They way jacuzzis', hot tubs, tennis and basketball/netball court (and there they can roller skate); bowling alley wil be in amusements. It will happen guys - it's already happened..cogs and wheels.. that's not my concern (everyone has their role) and mine is keeping the kids happy. I'm just saying what I'd like, people are free to say what the'd like. Yes bbq areas, we spend a lot of time eating out and the Spainish.. I have always been 'wild', I have always been a hippie. Yes, as students we were looking to spend time on a kibbutz and volunteering on the Rainbow Warrior.

Sat 22 The Lord Reveals - up in the Heavenlys I did my vica voce and I've got my graduation gown on... Naturally The Lord Helps me, but it turns out to be a big lucrative project and a lot of people are working on it (the problem is hackers). You will see towards the end of the project so many legal documents! This is what happens when you put the work in and have a great team and that includes the 'Kin Yeshua' team, some of whom are in both.

I just wanted to mention also The Lord Has Also Revealed things, do pray and check out schools/universities before deciding.

As with the various projects, it's not just me as sole owner. I may have bought the land, but there are a lot of owners of the resort, I'm not that involved with that side of things. Even 'King Yeshua' has heavy involvement. The 'rich' Blessing is for the righteous to profit, so it will be a case of putting your money where your mouth is - backing which project.

Sun 23

The Genius Of God (Praise Him forever!); when you see me posing with a major celebrity it is all over. This is why I do rely on the next gen, because sometimes I'm like 'la la la', head up in the clouds, not realising things. You NEED to keep yourself clean or at least strive to do so. Next year, I'd have been a Catholic officially for 10 years (though I'm no longer a Catholic) - I felt the 'Power' of God, which is why I became a Catholic (now that could have been on my sponsor?). We all (SHOULD) be walking with God (I am still walking so no-one is exempt from that). I am doing Greek Orthodox mass and part of me wishes I'd discovered it sooner, though I am seeking to become a Messianic Jew. Now at the mo (it will happen) I'm not finding Holy Services - they would need to be incorporate the Jewish service. If you want to keep yourself clean do Greek Orthodox service (though it is loooonnngggg!) - anyone that endured that earned their wings!!

Mon 24th As you are already aware that this is the explanation of previous events and we are coming out of the 'llusion'.. and that there is a letter someone has that no-one wants me to see (could be a will, someone kept it).. there is more to find out!! We are walking on thsi 'King Yeshua' script people because satan repeats behaviour. We know that as true believers that at NO STAGE, is satan going to make His Ministry a 'walk in the park'. He would try and ruin everything.

We know that now, everything that satan does will be wrong

Wed 26th "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the richest woman in the UK???"

What satan did to Thomasina was evil - she must have been unmarried and devout too. Who else?? I'm not going to do anything until I have proof. Though I see where I might get my teeth from and why Sian is that build!

Aren't you fed up of ying yang, true vs fake? Who did my old mum husband no. 2? Looked like who?

Not suprisingly, Sir Cliff also had a lot of ying yangers - I'm sure he'd by suprised by some of them..

Those murdered have the opportunity to come back again. It is the time of second opportunities.. not many actually considering considered devout by God. Ok, mummy was naive, like me. Hence second opportunities..

Yanger women, I think we are all of the same mind - we gonna have fun ladies!!! This is already done. God Willing, people will see me as Dee Blackmore (music producer, composer/present, video editor, who is not dead) and NOT someone else!

Because it is next gen's turn - you don't want to be in an industry controlled by satan because there are no morals there. I hate to say it, but black Christian women, don't go into gaming (though we might make some games because we are protected by God).

Ok, that was the final test and those devouted passed (again(!)), that's the end.

I am in tears (as I was first time round) because the loyalty is from children, not adults. They are willing to replace me. They have the Blessings of God. Just know that everything is good.

Thur 27th Also The Lord Has Seen such squalor among His faitful and because the resort is years off, when I come into money we will be helping with some sort of rejuvination programme.

Fri 28th Still trying to house steal?? It's annoying because it is the same things over and over again, though I know The Lord Is Dealing With it. I see things coming off and I know someone is going to buy my house. As with first time round, we said everything satan does is temporary and you will find yourself back to square one, but worse..

I'm not in that industry - my songs are, I'm not and nor is my son. You might have seen Thomasina (Tammy, she doesn't mind and James) up in the Heavenlys, we were in despair really because we haven't done anything than chosen God.

Sun 30th I just wanted to big up the genius of Motown..superb strings..she's gorgeous, isn't she?

Mon 31st Can't believe it's almost half way through the year! Done nothing yet. There will be no more 'ying yangs' for the yangers - I can't vouch for anyone else especially those that chose satan - he is mind controlling those people.

What she actually did was witchcraft to bring about the end of the world and this time The Lord Said 'Yes' (we knew this from first time round and we won't be around to witness it). Whether she was aware that is what she did....could we be going back to the beginning of human existence? Hence natural disaster??

'Ying yang' is the reason I've never had any money. I found this out aged 52, but hey, we gonna party (and of course, there must be fireworks!!

Wed 2nd This is intriging - saftey deposit box in Manhattan (possibly the station), my reward from God?? It was given to the wrong person and they haven't given it back. Also I have closed down various bank accounts over the years, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was shut down with money in it.

It's been so great because women have been so badly treated, that at last, we can sit down at the table and bring our own ideas to not compete, but complement. Amen! There is a big gap now between the 'clean' and the 'dirty' - satan was persecuting the clean, but God Loves them!

The reason that whites are the superior race doesn't work is because it CANNOT be proven. It is a satan 'ying yang' because the first humans were black. We are at the end and yangers, we are lovin' it!

Thurs 3rd
Im still waiting for my money and stuff.. so they all knew and decided not to tell me, so I've been living in poverty and misery - now it's your turn. 

Fri 4th

said she had given it back but she kept it

Christian women I would be careful who you pair up with because of satan minion fakers and I wouldn't go out with a Non-Christian.

Sat 5th

Well done to those kids helping me with 'priestly duties'. Last time round the call was for handmaidens and they did the Rosary with me.

In order for me to work on 'King Yeshua;, I need to have more of an understanding about Judaism. In the Heavenlys, there is a rabbi and I know you will contact me because God Has Told you to teach me. I know in order to become a Jew I need a sponsor. Yes, I have been Deborah, but the men are there now (not suprisingly, Jewish men!).

Recently I had an argument with my eldest. I have been reminded of my walk with God, meeting sister margaret mary, who basically was responsible for me being a Catholic. She would say that she could see this and that and I just didn't believe what she said until years later when I could see what she saw.

Sun 6th I don't know, my life..I will wait for evidence, but part of me thinks people knew and just wanted to keep on spending the royalties. But, as The Lord Knows, I'm back for a reason and so are the others and they are having a fab time being back again and James is coming back too.

Actually mentioning St Mary's Church, where I used to sing in the choir, what I call 'The Hosanna Chorus' became from there. I love it and one day I will record it. It has not been tested on a choir, so if there are mistakes, change them. Naturally I would like attributation - your reworking of my reworking and it would actally be an insult to God, not me, to sell it:

Incidentally as I knew satan wanted me to fail my MA Dissertation, I went all out to pass - I did 4 songs, I wrote the above and a short fugue and I still only got 50%. I'm not bitter :{

Also I know the satanists would say that I am a child in an adults body, "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein" and I kinow what fun is for a child!

Tues 8th

Yes they are still trying the 'Dee Blackmore is dead', in order to steal my house.

The Word Of The Lord - The Lord Says this page is like the Bible, so we will walk on this... we know that The Bible has translation issues, I've just seen a whole load of mistakes on this page (someone has changed it..) and I know that people should look at sources (don't rely on Wikipedia!).

Prophesising again - did someone send me a camera? Don't send me anything because I will not get it.

Wed 9th

The Lord Almighty Will Educate us via the Education Centre and educational points around the resort and King Yeshua Will educate us via, er, 'King Yeshua'. A side note - The Master Hates The Name beginning with A_____ and The Lord Almighty hates the Name beginning with J____ - anyone else got that?

Thurs 10th

Please don't copy me. Do you want to anger The Lord? My path is set. It has been already worked out. Your path is not my path. Know The Lord to find your own path.

Those of you that are film buffs, apart from certain Spielberg films that are fab ( that virtual reality one though, I had to stop watching); watch Jean de Florette (which is just briliantly evil) and Manon des Sources. There is also the British one 'The Field'.

Fri 11th The moral of the story is don't go to satan to make you money - his answer? "Let's turn everyone into prostitutes!" It was blacks and now it's everyone because satan isn't making enough money - yes a 'sorceror's apprentice' situation

In the reign of queen victoria (not that I know much about history), not only was there the slave trade, what age were people allowed to marry? How did they cull the population? How much did houses go for? "I will most certainly buy your house for £1!". There's also weimar (world war 2) that allows them to seize assets etc..

I'm always going on about parts of Spielberg films ( I keep mentioning him because in yang, he is one of my besties - so give me a job!!!!!!!!); Naivety.. I see myself like Rogue, when her got her 'white streak'.. I still have the scar on my finger from first time round, when satan tried to cut it off..

satan also stopping me having kids (for about 10 years, which I have back) because of my age.. I knew I would have more for about 16 years..

Sat 12th What I didn't know first time round, is there a 'Thomasina or Tammy Terrell Foundation' being used to embezzle?? (prophesising) I've always wondered why my youngest was invited to the houses of parliament when she was at primary school - odd. The house stealers still at it - don't bother with the fake documents (eviction etc..) when I own my own house. Get over it - you lost.

Something now about my songs - my kids probably made to lie - I write them all by myself, as far as I'm aware I have not had any lawsuits about that. No-one has sucessfully sued me etc.. etc.. I have the source files and I can recreate my songs without them.

I have not re-married. I am still celibate - I haven't been in a relationship since my ex-husband. I have been waiting on God and satan has also tried to ruin it everytime I try and initiate one. I think this is all the 'ying yang' effect. But this is the end of it..

Did they say I insulted the queen? I've never spoken to her, I've never met the royal family, I've never mentioned them (actually I mentioned on Facebook that I'd never met them) - lies. Have they insulted God??

Everything in 'ying' is wrong because satan was controlling it. I have over the years tried to give advice, but no-one wanted to listen. So I'm offski and I HAVEN'T sold any of my copyrights. As you such see, it should say copyrighted to me on behalf of Tunecore (though I am leaving them this month). So who has my royalites and licence money?? The fake love child??? Fake relationship. I am not related to my old family that is why they are all on the 'fake' side. Now is that a fake house offer?? I rejected it anyway - don't trust.

Btw, I have to mention, don't use Utility Point for your gas/electricity - they are evil. I pray they go bankrupt.

Sun 13th Yes, The Lord Wants us to have mikvah.

Day one - today I have been officially recognised by God as a Messianic jew. It was like the Shabbat Passover Meal - I got the Blessing before I had even done it! Amen!

Mon 14th

We will now spend the rest of our lives learning about Judaism knowing that we have made it "Home!". Thousands of people did it yesterday. I think it was the same people that made it to the 'Promised Lane' first time round! The Lord Knows there has been grumblings about this, but we are merely following in the same lines as the Apostles.. If you did it, how many of you did The Lord Appear To Tell you what to say? And Afterwards what did The Lord Say? The ones that know I couldn't do it initially because satan heightened my fear of water. Did she give Him 'fear' so that He Would Not Go Through With it? By the Grace of God go I, by the Grace of God.

Prophesising again, a parcel delivered to the wrong address - again!!!!!! And as with last time round, money being embezzled through Paypal and bank accounts, possibly because first time round satanic power sufficient for people to believe I was dead fake funeral.

My Lord make them stop. People thinking they are having a share of my house sale. The is still the 'mirror' playing out. F_____ annoying!!! I want to know why satanists think they have Godly Power?? They say "Dee is supposed to make everyone rich", God Will Make the people He Wants rich in about 2-4 years time and we are no longer living in the UK by then - satan trying to make fakers famous, rather stopping me from being famous worldwide by leaving me out (pretending I don't exist - trying to stop people from knowing who I am because I am Christian, oh and a talented black lady. Rest assured, it's ok, we are leaving anyway)!!!!! The fakers don't have the tatoos - can never have my tatoos..and they're evil

We are looking back my loves, briefly, because we are leaving that s___ behind!

Wed 16th As with the last time (as you know we are coming out of the 'mirror'), The Lord Upheld In my case that the UK is racist. You can't keep someone's money because they are black. This is the 21st century not victorian or tudor britain! The pagan house stealers because my house has finally sold.

Thomasina's will is in the safety deposit box. She wrote it whilst in hospital - could be that they found it when harcourt died..denied - what satan probably did was stop me getting any of her royalties.. we will continue to walk..could be money - to collect after prison time.. lots of yinger yangers

All the people affected are important - Sir Cliff probably mad because he is the reason I am in Hollywood and satan doesn't want me there, Lauryn and Joel also important. Numbers reduced. It was the same first time round - racist Christians. There are none in Heaven.

Thurs 17th People did not really understand what the 'Rich Blessing' entailed. I cannot be subsituted because it is MY reward! It comes through me and at the appointed time.

Just to bear in mind that I don't HAVE to share it. I don't HAVE to build a resort.. God Is Rewarding me and so I want to recipricate!

All the thieves.. time for me to have everything back. We are moving forward and are on track..

When The Lord Reveals that your friends from primary and high school were voodooing you.. I'm living in the wrong country! Give me Jesus! My Lord Is Here. Ask the prime minister if he knows who has my money and stuff...cheque/s..all the people spending my money, back to hell.. He Is Here..

Those people are going to forget who I am, remember I did say yangers I was going to 'disappear' and 'reappear' later??

Fri 18th So the 'mirror' hasn't completely disappeared yet because satan is still trying to stop me making money. Cardiff (and possible New York State too) still in ying yang with the not yet build resort, which (because The Lord Is There) runs with efficiency, regularly patrolled, my team and I making sure everyone has what they need. It will play out because yangers (the few that there are in the UK) will see me in that London in Sept/Oct. I think others will know who I am by then.

Don't think to much about it (there were plenty ying yangers), but if I was Lauryn and Lauryn was me, was Joel Sian.Possible that Sir Cliff at some point was me and I was him.. doesn't have to make sense with satan - it's what he wanted to achieve and how he was going to do it... telling his minions to go and kill (those being mind controlled - because God Gave everyone free will) and that's why they want to get rid of me because I am not one of them. It's ok because we will be going anyway.

no pics yet - it was always going to be wrong. As with the first time round, God Knows Those That Are His and satan knows those that are his and there are the people in between. When I do online mass, I look at those people singing with their masks on..

I think they have found my money (prophesising).. satan minions clubbed together and were successful in making people believe that our Lord Was a faker.. satan minions clubbed together to make people think I'm a prostitute and the faker is me and has my money and stuff, but is is temporary and all they can do is copy. Why does satan want to steal kids and sell them - using people to make them money/ransom? Witchcraft to make people believe that ---- is their child - ying yang... years ago he accused me of stealing his money, which was funny because I've always been broke! Witchcraft to believe that there is something wrong with you.

Yes I do start prophesising when there is heavy voodoo/witchcraft because they are STILL TRYING TO STEAL!!!!! Who opened pandora's box - satan gave faker satanic 'gifts'?? Going around killing all the one's still loyal to are coming back for fun! Those Christians that have lost loved ones, if I was coming back, who would I go to? You might still recognise them - what happened when The Beloved Came Back??

Like we have laready mentioned, those sitting around wasting time is because we are retired! This is all by the by now, but next geners, satan will subliminally offer you something, don't take it - he will bind you! Coercion is not acceptable, so they go through to the Second Opportunity.

Those familar with my Testimony will know that I knew I was dirty but did not know how to get clean. Before becoming a Catholic, I wrote down all my sins and prayed them away. Those working scripts, I suggest you do the same - write down all your questions and pray them away. As we know, it doesn't work with all sins because some to need confessing (the mental imprints). It could also be that my baptism was not recognised as such.

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