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Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect) Explains

You may already know me as owner of websites 'Christian Music Listmania' and 'I Love Christian Music', or as former Owner/Editor of 'I Love Christian Music' and 'Jesus Child' magazines; or as Podcast Presenter of 'Dance Therapy Sessions', a Dance Remix show which I started on Hospital Radio, and 'Dance Worship', which I started on Radio 31 in 2016 and which had over a million plays on Soundcloud as my psyedonyms AngelE/Angel Elect. I have also produced and written over 30 songs (though I have NOT received a single penny from them (stolen) - if my songs have been in the charts please log them so I can sue) - check out my songs on


The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol.1:

The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol. 2:

You Are My Love (Extended Remixes):

The Lord Our Righteousness

In The Beginning There Was Christian Dance:


Sing To The KIng

Amazon as Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect):




Btw, I'm back on Twitter!

Fellowship Of Young Believers on Youtube

As yet, I (Dee Blackmore), am sole member and Founder of The Fellowship Of Young Believers, which came from Acts 2:42-47. This organisation will be officially launched in about 2 years when I've done some research which comprises part of the PhD that I am hoping to start in Septmber 2021. I started this because I felt that there was not enough Christian outreach to help those Christians that may not have academic ability (satan involved) to suceed in other areas. As I have an interest in Photography and Video Editing, I thought it would be good to provide an all round Film-Making Course that is free which Christians could take. We will continue to walk with God on this. If you would like to take part in my research as I will need participants for survey and focus group discussions, or are interested in making content for the 'Christian Youth TV Channel', I would be grateful ( or I will inform you at a later date when I get admitted to a University - I have started my application at a London University. I will give a contact address when I move and start Uni. And no I haven't got my money and stuff back yet and I'm not dead and nor is God! Amen!

I used to sing in the choir at St Mary's Church in Brighton, what I call 'The Hosanna Chorus' (Sanctus) came from there. I love it and one day I will record it. It has not been tested on a choir, so if there are mistakes, change them. Naturally I would like attributation - your reworking of my reworking and it would actally be an insult to God, not me, to sell it. If the link doesn't work, contact me:

26th July

Ok, so you know the satan minions still trying to mind f___ people that I'm dead because they don't want me on TV/Hollywood. Let them get over that. I'm doing research on 'Majesty'/podcast show at the mo and I'll let you into a little secret - I don't actually GET classical music. It's like alphabet soup to me (if you understand that! Variations/themes in a big pot). Popular music has a clear structure, classical music less so. I'm eager anyway (and it is par for the course for me) to do more music theory in that I want 'Majesty' to be my best work for The Best. I envisage this walk is going to be about a year because I want it to have Middle Eastern influences and more..and I've decided to sell my Hofner for??? You'll see!

I mention I'm doing music research (among other things) and the theives come back.. Nothing but research this year on 'Majesty', though I'll be doing commission work..

We will be outsourcing and emplying Non-Christians when doing generic stuff.

29th July

We will see if next month is interesting... btw, don't be fooled, I am NOT doing anymore Dance Worships. Do give anything to anyone and say 'Can you give this to Dee' because they don't.

So now we know who satan can con you and how people can f__ up your life. I am still expecting to have my money and stuff back.. Yes, I am still angry. Evil.

Our Father, Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name! Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day Our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us And lead us not into tempation But deliver us from evil. For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Are Yours now and forever Amen!

My life is The Lord's now and forever, amen.

The Lord Does Not Like the new jerusalem bible. I'm going to start studying the Torah and He Will Inform us about other Texts.

As I might have already mentioned I can't remember NOT being a Christian; I have always believed (The Lord Knows if that's wrong!). St Michael, thank you for taking care of me throughout the years. I'm putting it out there (because there is something that is hidden that needs to be disclosed) Tammi Terrell was the most devout in the music industry and when she died, I became the most devout..the uk was and always will be pagan

I know I haven't done the podcast show yet, but we're will be done when it is done

I AM CHRISTIAN. My current mantra - "Give God the Glory, now and forever. Amen" (until the ages of ages...)

Tues 10th

Interesting - I Was Told Today that i saw lucifer in human form. I'd already seen The Beloved a month or so back. Whether they stay in those forms I don't know. Not suprisingly he is blond! If you have seen the Archangel in the Heavenlys then you'll know he is pale with black hair.

lucifer I did not recognise - I Was Told That I did recognise him. The Beloved? I have been looking at His Face every day for how many years??

the pagans think they have more power than God. We are not interested in them unless they want to work with us.

Wed 11th Mission accomplished - Now I really must finish that research proposal!

Sat 14th Coinz! Second opportunities - seize them - there aint' gonna be another opportunity! I have been thinking about my failed masters in Social Research Methods at Surrey; that person is dead. I know now at 52 that satan wanted me to fail, which I don't really understand because there is no money is Social Research! I think it is intrinsic reward! I hardly remember it now, what the modules were or anything. But what I do rememeber and what was interesting was our Group Research project, which initially was a study of the soap opera 'El Dorado'. I loved that show! It was axed for whatever reason and we also abandoned it, but what we discovered initially was that it followed the same trajectory as when Eastenders started

Sun 15th So to day I'm thinking about 'Majesty' and the podcast show. My fans will know completely and utterly without even clicking on the link what my all time fave classical music is - joint fave! This is the first one - I cannot write 'Majesty' yet, because I have the Spirit of joy, but I'm not happy - I love summer because everything is at it's optimum - imagine countryside, summer sun..

Wed 18th

I want my money and stuff and some award that I should have had but kept about a year ago? klan/far right - duplicate account - i am not a slave - this is the 21st century

What the fallen blocks out - I only just asked Bristol a few days ago who won the BBC Comission composing job? I didn't know or think to ask because for some reason the government are stopping me from working - is it bad ying yang?? Btw, the song I did for Simon Bell at the beeb ISN'T on 'The Light'.. didn't make the cut for me - CMajor, same ole, same ole, but it synced ok - see my vimeo - . If I can find the source file I might rework it i have a whole load of corrupted disks, which, when I have money I will try to uncorrupt. Given the time and the money I'd like to experiment a bit more musically. I think I'm not alone there!

to keep me out of tv and film or you could say because 'on the other side' I am working in tv and film. I'm waiting for that commission..

Thurs 19th

The time for second opportunities - I think this came from God - the session singer on the 'You Are My Love' songs I won't say who she is (you might already know if satan has been mindreading me. She's American and black). I asked her at the time if she wanted her name to be featured and she didn't ( I don't blame her because the original wasn't that good -early days 2014). But she could be claiming performance rights if she isn't already.

Fri 20th

FYI I have submitted my PhD application to Queen Mary's that London, about a week ago, but heard nothing yet..

Saturday is voodoo day - we have been here before. Just to mention I do everything myself (which is why I get that job) I can touch type, edit, write press releases as well as compose yada yada..that's what it will be about now - those that can multi-task. I do not have management, record deal, or a fan club, etc. wait and I will announce things as they happen..

Mon 23rd

One of the first things I'm going to do when I get my money back is buya whole load of movie cameras! Naturally various Reds; I looked at buying a Black Magic camera a few months back, but also had my eye on the Nikon Z camera - I do love Nikon! I sold my Sony on Ebay as I couldn't really get to grips with it.

Stolen songs..sold years ago? We've been here before, these are thigs looping because they haven't been resolved.. like the package for me that said 'delivered', but wasn't delivered to me..

Wed 25th

Does someone have a lifetime achievement award for me??

So know a wheel has turned. Lebron James, you and I are going to meet because I love my Nikon and I love my NBA (though naturally at the mo I can't afford to pay for the subscription)!

Thurs 26th

Is this going to be a thing - another fake funeral??

These are the times of judgement and the time of second opportunities. No-one takes my place, no-one CAN take my place. You are not going to get rid of me, quite the opposite in fact.

That's it. Where is Sir Cliffy? It has been a long time and I might need you to pay my fees!!! I am after all the love of his life.. (ha!). He is alo being cleaned (like James but not as bad as James, not many people worse! I remember he used to come and see us, but still not 100% certain).

Naive dead people becoming Christians, few may know that I wanted to make a music video with guys in rapper..I will too!

27th August

There are a lot of people pretending to be me. I am on Twitter as you know with no followers yet and that is the only social media I am on (except TFOYB and Fave Hymns on Youtube and the links above). I am NOT on Facebook!

If I get into Uni, you will pretty much see me a lot!

Love you Jimmy Ruffin, see you soon..

Racists trying to intimidate me I think.. nazi revival? F__ that. Motown revival? Yeah baby!! My heart weeps for you,mad about you.

So Distrokid making the minimum effort to promote my songs...

Who cares, right??

Sat 28th

Hello again Michael. When satan voodoos, I go up. I was a little bit of a fan...who used to watch the animation??

I think my fave MJ song:

FYI special attention to the priest mentioned first time round, who has actually been watching over me for 40 or so years, you will be the richest priest in the world.

Don't be naive my lovely ones, who writes the songs.. anyone that cannot recite the Lord's Prayer is a satanist!

The most loyal. Well done..oops actually as before it is me!

Don't be dissing on Cliff because of what he is going to do..i.e. help me with my research (though we haven't met yet possibly a long time ago)

Don't enter the Christian Music Industy if you are devout;

My songs are divine but the industy is not. I am being ripped off, but it's ok because I won't worry about money when He Comes.

Sun 29th

Why would you want to fake being Christian? Makes no sense. It is a great sin if you are fooling people.

FYI, I am currently doing Greek Orthodox mass (massive increase in people doing it - ditch catholicism!)..I have been to many churches over the years and this I think is the first time I have heard a priest to ask for forgiveness for sin. I am still hoping to be a practising Jew, but there's plenty time for that.

it was satan saying not to give it to me because I am going to Edify God with it - he made it up because he wanted me to die - the obvious to sontinue stealing

Yangers are ok, if you don't see me don't go anywhere. We were there to be murdered. This is how satan intices the not so know what a venn diagram is? God Is pretty much Doing Everything With the core that are His (which is small) compared to the other second opportunists and the other (lost souls in hell) - two circle venn

please don't be dissin' on my kids because they are young, I also made a lot of mistakes when I was young. Other than God Himself, who is perfect? If I said like I can't even remember now the text, guy that prayed something like "Look at them in their sin, I'm righteous". I would NEVER pray that because I know The Lord Would Then Expose that person..I am glad and honoured to say I am core

Mon 30th

Superb arrangement! Gorgeous and always will be:

I don't think these pagans know how to make money. Stop using others to make you money and use yourselves to make you money!!!

Blah, blah, blah (because this is done already). Ok so now it's interesting because I Am Told it is 12 oclock, which means they have done something that there is no resolution and every now and then they will start talking backwards. That's how you know...and also the helicopters

satan didn't want my Sianie to be born, now why??

Devout Christians, well yangers, you are ok, but don't be too trusting of people. Trust in God first and take everything to God in prayer. 'Friends' that are actually satan minions withcrafting you to die. I was wondering why her mum wouldn't let anyone other than marvin attend her funeral (according to wikipedia) and I think because they knew she was going to die. Though I think he knew too..we are very similar, love her

Wed 1 Sep

The satan minions all know what satan is doing, we don't. Just beware if they start calling you by a different name and that person dead (how did they die?). Yes, I have survived several attempts to kill me)..because it is 12'oclock, they will go there and resurrect him.. There will be satanic revival when we are gone - the rapture. The second opportunites will still be on the Earth. As with the venn diagram, there is an overlap and you really need to be in the first phase because the second phase is really hard. If you are realising the yangers are gone then you are first phase. If you are second phase and you go up, you can come sit at my table.

This is all done for us yangers. I Have Been Told, about half venn go to core, which The Beloved Said Is Disappointing. So may I permit to ask, can we do something about this? No because people are not willing to accept the truth. Pharasic people. The Beloved Was Angry That Martha/Mary and Lazarus are hardly mentioned when they are one of his besties.

trying to murder everyone with the seal because i had it, he stole it like they were stealing my money (satan)

all the yingers are out of trys..

The Lord Is Wiping things from my He Doesn't Want me to remember..

I deleted stuff because we are done and satan minions are repeating it because the mind readers know - they know the house, but don't go there! It is satan..keeping it alive.. they won't be able to kill it because it is End Of Days.

Sat 4th

Oops, forgive me Lord because St Michael was only doing the Will of God.Come on, we all know every now and again I much up! The Lord Is Angry At the second oppers. Things will be changed, some things may not get made. Know that Team God Are On the Earth For Reasons One Of Which Is To Educate And Correct. King Yeshua - naturally what we have got so far is that they are think (and want people to believe) He Is A faker. We will be spending a considerable amount of time praying and researching this for people to not believe. It's like well what is the point of the other stuff?? We won't be supporting any musicals now. By all means you can continue to make them, but we won't be supporting it. We are here to celebrate God. By all means make your shows, but the shows that make the Christian Youth Channel will be your gift to God like what I have been trying to do for a decade or so. BUT unlike me, you should be getting approval first???? And don't be too disappointed if your project is not approved because at the end of the day, you want to please God right? I had a little addage growing up - if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Team God Are Here..that's why we will leave - I want to be with true believers. As you already know, we will be mainly living in Portugal.

Anyone saying they are working for me aren't. TFOYB and the research implementation is at least 2 years away. Therere an order. Everything is at it's start - I haven't even been accepted yet.

So many things I am looking forward to! All yangers have been persecuted (satan hates you thats why). This will be the best years of our lives..

I left Cashman casino, now I'm loving stars slots and now playing billionaire casino!

Mon 6th

I see it is Rosh Hashanah!

Tues 7th

Shana tova!

A side note, I'm interested in the new Matrix film..I used to go on about TLOFR, but Matrix 2, I love for lots of reasons, one of which is the colour grading..

The Lord Told me to remove it all. This is a new year and a new start for us yangers, so don't spend too long looking back. The musical is being replaced by the game we create and yangers will know to work on the script for that.

Btw, I am currently making the Rosh Hashanah meal; probabaly all wrong, but like the Passover meal, I'll better it next everyone knows I haven't fully got to grips with it all yet---

8th Sep Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

FYI info - most likely from God! The inspiration for my song 'Africa' came from Baaba Maal. I interviewed him when I was young aspiring to be a journalist at the time. The article I wrote was pants because I was a novice. But when I think of my song 'Happiness', this song is up there! I got the album free and this has always been my one of favourite songs.

Those that know me also know that is is also one of my favourite songs (not liking the video though):

Another one of my 'happy' songs:

I am reliving pain from my preschool years - people thinking that's ok... it was NEVER ok, a pre-school child is not going to chose satan if they are Christian!

Thurs 9th

Don't use me to legitimate abuse, don't ring the police, ring 0800 1111:

I don't want ANYONE coming to me too soon. You will know when to come - those in connection with St Michael - those that perfom angelic duties.

The terrors are here now, so yingers think about that - that house - flamethrower. I might have more fakers..(not about stealing houses and money now..) and don't let them say it's my fault - it's their fault. How old was I? Witchcraft to fancy... (this is all satan, they are powerful spells - only the devout are not affected). We are all sinners, so just make sure you are praying The Lord's Prayer every day and also take Communion - that is the Spirit Of The Living God Cleansing you.

there are things I am just remembering (operation - a unique time - which probably explains the loop - ship; several of us will meet again) times of fear (racism - times of a lot of pain to a small child that really didn't understand - all those involved in our murders (except one), will be murdered. Probably find that they are already in hell - walking dead and then dead). The Lord Is Removing things from memory. I don't want peole reading my mind, but they should take note - they have the police reports..I was always ringing them up! 550 year or so ying yang, done. No more ying yangers ever!!!

You know, if you want a long life, don't ying yang around a particular time, because satan will summon people from that time and whatever is going on in that time is ok to everyone...

Sun 12th

I remember every year going to camp I hated. I had a bestie, we were not liked (my protector!). They didn't like the fact that I had a cell phone and he had a polaroid. My butt was and is still a thing. He knows.. klan boys urinating on me.."that's how we kill black people" - it will happen to him. They wanted money, now they will be reduced to poverty. The mind readers - people know who they are and are witchcrafting them to die.

50 or so years ago lucifer was on the Earth to kill devout and The Line, now Team God Are Here to Bless the devout and The Line (and those He Wants To Bless!). So there is no point doing any more 'yin yangs' because you won't be doing it to me, it will be The Creator.

Mon 13th

the mark.. I have never known that people could be that evil..satan tried to do it again 50 or so years later. I have wondered why I am not dead - manon de sources. Tommy would get me to ring people up. No-one wanted to help us, not even marvin..

and it loops - those that steal money are having their money stolen..

Thur 15th

It's Yom Kippur. I really do need to get a jewish calendar!

PhD update - It's Thursday and this course in supposed to start Monday and I haven't received an acceptance. This has dragged on and on now and my enthusiasm is waning and now I can't be bothered going there. Don't worry though because it was a 4 year course, so now I'm focusing on animation until next year. This a cog my dears. Don't be upset because this is actually better because I can focus on 'King Yeshua', which He is my all.

Another alert, people pretending to be me (go to twitter - that is what I look like. Once again, get them to say the Lord's Prayer or Hail Mary). There is madness here (and also far right wanting to kill blacks/devout). DON'T send me anything, DON'T come to me. Unless God Says Otherwise, I will STILL be in the US at the end of the year, but things have been changed and don't believe anything my so called 'friends' say because I have no genuine friends, nor did Tommy (though she didn't know it). I will take whatever satan throws at me - forever Christian/Messianic Jew. We yangers, we don't really need to do mass because we are in essence already dead! I still like to do it though - until the ages of ages!!! It is right and just and proper and??

Fri 16th

It's possible I will do another course in January, which is a better fit for me. I am also aware (prophesising) and I have known this for a number of years, people being aloud to take money from my account. Anyone supposedly putting money reguarly into my account is being diverted, which is one of the reasons I'm leaving. Still no pics, but there will be..

Over the next year or so, we will be discussing Unity v Maya or both?? Bit miffed I no longer have access to Maya, but hey, will do!

Btw, I bought this - can't complain at the price and because there are different versions, some better than others..

Yes, I am working on that podcast!

Sun 19th

Yet more sorcery (saturday is witchcraft day, Sunday God Removes it! Still trying to 'yin yang' eventhough I said it is The Creator you are doing it with, not me. I don't know if they 'think' they are devout because you can't be or there would be no 'yin yang'. How many times did they try to kill me when I was young? Incidentally (a coincidence?) Greek Orthodox mass today was talking about the Bible Book I am currently reading and I think I can relate - Job! As I've said before we do leave next year anyway.

Mon 20th Busy yesterday in the angelic realms (all those helping the angels are part and clean!)..just so people understand that satan was hovering over a particularly fearful time in my life (early years) to make pre-schoolers afraid - satan minions being told by satan to copy me, so I know some of you understand...they wanted me to die.. the older I got I could sprint. I was ringing police up saying I was being abused - I don't know if they did anything. I remember though being told not to ring them anymore, but i was and still am being Protected. Naturally, as part of Team God, St Michael is on the Earth. he will come to me again..

It's sukkot. I must admit, Judaism is a little like jumping in a pool at the deep end for me. But I'll get there, would like to do this next year..

they are still taking people there..copied behaviour..this is not me, this is satan wanting to me (did horrible things to make me afraid - some of you will know - not a natural) and now going to kill everyone..

The Lord Is Wiping my mind because I'm mum to a lot of people and I can't have those memories. They are no longer copying me, but faker. So now all her followers will know what it means to be a satanist.

Tues 21st

The Lord Wants me to remember some things and not others. I think that's it - satan minions - being told to tell lies about me (I assassinated someone and I've never seen a harry potter film! Stupid things people are made to believe). The numbers of people doing witchcraft for me to die is f____ up! Summoned by lucifer to murder black kids..lucifer trying to take over my form. (in fact lots of peole trying to take over my form. Must be all the yingers?) He will go into faker and give her a son. The world is being destroyed because it is the End of Days - the places they took us - they are going to be (made to) escape

I know people used to think I was 'stuck up' as a child, I think I was!

Fakers probably have a massive following and I not so many - like a certain Someone..

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