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Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect) Explains

You may already know me as owner of websites 'Christian Music Listmania' and 'I Love Christian Music', or as former Owner/Editor of 'I Love Christian Music' and 'Jesus Child' magazines; or as Podcast Presenter of 'Dance Therapy Sessions', a Dance Remix show which I started on Hospital Radio, and 'Dance Worship', which I started on Radio 31 in 2016 and which had over a million plays on Soundcloud as my psyedonyms AngelE/Angel Elect. I have also produced and written over 30 songs (though I have NOT received a single penny from them (stolen) - if my songs have been in the charts please log them so I can sue) - check out my songs on


The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol.1:

The Light Instrumental Sessions Vol. 2:

You Are My Love (Extended Remixes):

The Lord Our Righteousness

In The Beginning There Was Christian Dance:


Sing To The KIng

Amazon as Dee Blackmore (Formerly Angel Elect):




Btw, I'm back on Twitter!

Fellowship Of Young Believers on Youtube

As yet, I (Dee Blackmore), am sole member and Founder of The Fellowship Of Young Believers, which came from Acts 2:42-47. This organisation will be officially launched in about 2 years when I've done some research which comprises part of the PhD that I am hoping to start in Septmber 2021. I started this because I felt that there was not enough Christian outreach to help those Christians that may not have academic ability (satan involved) to suceed in other areas. As I have an interest in Photography and Video Editing, I thought it would be good to provide an all round Film-Making Course that is free which Christians could take. We will continue to walk with God on this. If you would like to take part in my research as I will need participants for survey and focus group discussions, or are interested in making content for the 'Christian Youth TV Channel', I would be grateful ( or I will inform you at a later date when I get admitted to a University - I have started my application at a London University. I will give a contact address when I move and start Uni. And no I haven't got my money and stuff back yet and I'm not dead and nor is God! Amen!

I used to sing in the choir at St Mary's Church in Brighton, what I call 'The Hosanna Chorus' (Sanctus) came from there. I love it and one day I will record it. It has not been tested on a choir, so if there are mistakes, change them. Naturally I would like attributation - your reworking of my reworking and it would actally be an insult to God, not me, to sell it. If the link doesn't work, contact me:

29th July

Our Father, Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name! Thy Kingdom come Thy Will be done On Earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day Our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us And lead us not into tempation But deliver us from evil. For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory Are Yours now and forever, until the ages of ages. Amen!

My life is The Lord's now and forever, amen.

The Lord Does Not Like the new jerusalem bible. I'm going to start studying the Torah and He Will Inform us about other Texts. This is just an endnote (this is all done):

Come on people, wake up:

Yes, I'm looking into starting up TFOYB - it'll take some months I should think and next year will be commencing research for 'King Yeshua'. I want to spend the rest of this year focusing on Unity. The Lord Says the films will be finished by age 54 - lots of people working on it. We have already done the script..

Thank God that Team God Are On the Earth!

The Lord Has Told me that this the best King Yeshua songs ever made:

Valerie's mum who lives in Detroit to meet boo boo loveface and i at the airport at the end of the year.

29th Nov

It'll soon be Christmas, so don't let anyone con you. I'm not doing any concerts or personal appearances. In fact, I'm not doing anything musical until next year and I'm STILL waiting for my money and assets and I'm waiting to move. I've already apologised and now people owe me one.

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